Thursday, January 22, 2009

the day off

i've been somewhat neglectful of my blog recently, so today, my day off, i'm forcing myself to write. anything. something.
the only problem is i can't think of anything to say. life has been somewhat dull recently. kinda like the weather. there hasn't been a whole lot going on recently. my good friend scott was in town to play a show a week or so ago, but writing about us hanging out, drinking coffee, catching up and talking shit would make for some boring reading. although i'm convinced nobody actually reads this stuff. we did kinda get lost walking around the scary basement of the rave, a venue here in mke, which was fun. although the we didn't get to see the pool. darn. thwarted again.

we now have a new president, which is fun. i say we, but its really you, seeing as i couldn't vote. but hey, well done you, for electing someone who at least has a few brain cells to rub together.

i love having the occasional thursday off, because i get to listen to the early morning punk show on wmse while i drink my morning coffee....a natural dry yellow bourbon from cachoeira da grama in brasil. as always i brew on my chemex at home.
raw hazelnuts upfront with overwhelming milk chocolate notes throughout and a dry bakers chocolate gives a pleasant finish. a crisp, juicy apple brightness throughout makes it super easy to drink. then a cigarette and i'm good to face the day.

punk rock to some deep dub reggae. i love wmse. the track cosmo is playing right now is tight. i can't help but nod my head. jah rastafari

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

mr president

dear president obama,
you don't know me and i don't know you. i'm happy you made it into office, for a second i thought the dreaded they would get to you before you actually got to sit behind that desk. i certainly don't envy the task you have in front of you. if i may, i'd like to offer some completely unsolicited advice. in the imortal words of albert finney: