Saturday, May 30, 2009


it's been a long time since i wrote anything here... so i thought it prudent to enlighten the (maybe?) 3 people who read this as to whats been happening over the last month.

well. my brother came to town to visit. it had been far too long since i'd seen him. almost three years. a long time by any standards. but i should point out that bradley is my twin brother. someone who, up until moving to milwaukee, i spent almost everyday with. from sharing a room as kids. throughout school. we went off to university together. and continued to live together after graduation. we were together alot.

and the hardest thing about the last three and a half years since i moved to america, has been the separation. knowing that someone who knows me so completely is so far away. phone calls and emails are great. but they're not the same. not the same as just sitting. not doing anything. not even talking. just sitting. and feeling that connection. knowing that there is someone in this world who understands me so completely. who cares. who worries. but never judges.

it was good to have him here.

our time in both chicago and milwaukee was fun. just hanging out in awesome cities. eating good food. seeing good friends. watching the brewers win. drinking good coffee.

during the early hours of saturday morning. may 16th the impossible happened. after five long years at sea. the good ship albion finally sailed home. well, almost.
peter. carl. gary. drew (unfortunately no john). the libertines. on stage. together again.
they didn't do it for the money. they never would. millions of pounds wouldn't get these guys on stage together. they did it because it was the right thing to do. a tribute gig for johnny sedassy. a promoter who used to put on gigs by the band in years past.

the short set included... up the bracket. what katie did. can't stand me now. time for heroes. death on the stairs.