Wednesday, January 20, 2010

i couldn't think of a title for this post. so i'm going the call it 'sitting on my couch. listening to 7seconds. on vinyl. writing nonesense'.

wow...its been forever since i sat down and wrote anything. seriously. what have i been doing with myself?
to be honest, there is no reasonable answer to that question. i've been busy. this living in new york thing is nonstop. busybusybusy. all the freakin time.

oh, hello 2010. wait...where did 2009 go? really. where did it go? it seemed to fly by. but so much is different. a load of shit happened. so i guess its just my perception. or maybe i'm getting old and going senile.

i moved to new york! still seems kinda weird saying that. but its true. and my brother is here too...its the first time in four years that we've lived in the same country, let alone the same city. its awesome. its like nothing has changed. we still finish each others sentences. and my old lady is here too. my boo. my love. my pork chop. we share a rad apartment in brooklyn. with a bi-polar cat. i love it. its comfortable. peaceful. safe. its home.

my co-workers and i have rediscovered...well, i've rediscovered, i don't know how many of them were aware fucking amazing sunny day real estate are. i mean come on. diary is a balls out fantastic record.

this is going to sound ridiculous, but here it is...i'm kinda getting used to seeing pictures of my questionable face in the new york times. see. i told you. sounds ridiculous...but they seem to like us alot right now, us being stumptown, and not myself and kai. the picture at the top was taken from the ny times a few days ago.

people in new york wear alot of black. and by alot. i mean all the time. in any other city i've lived in, you usually save the all black days for funerals. weddings...when perhaps you don't think the union is the best idea... or days when you're feeling particularly elliot smith/the smiths/joy division. but not in new york.
all black. all the time.
i think i'm growing to like it.

regardless of the geographical distance you have to travel. leave yourself an hour to get there.

i've started meditating on a regular basis. actually let me clarify that. i've started formally meditating on a regular basis. every tuesday night. on the bowery. with a bunch of tattooed punk rock kids. dudes in business suits. typical yoga types. and so many more. its awesome. i like it. i'm not becoming all new age. if you call me a hippie i'll fucking kill you.

i now pay someone to wash. dry. and fold my dirty clothes.
it seems so bourgeois. living in milwaukee, it never even occurred to me. why would i pay someone when i can do it myself.
but here. for some reason. and i don't really know why. it seems like the reasonably. almost sensible thing to do.
call me a middle-class capitalist pig if you want. the dude at the launderette is super nice.

famous people everywhere. the city is full of them. i can't go anywhere without bumping into one of them. they just get in the way. they're everywhere.

i've rambled too much.