Monday, March 9, 2009

straight up avenger

the usbc happened in portland, or. this past weekend. unable to be there in person, due to lack of funds and lack of coworkers to cover my shifts, i spent most of the weekend glued to my laptop, in various coffee shops around town, watching an ever increasingly frustrating live internet feed from the competition.

the final round looked something like this;
devin pedde, intelligentsia los angeles
ryan willbur, intelligentsia los angeles

mike marquard, kaldi's coffee, st. louis
scott lucey, alterra, milwaukee
nick griffith, intelligentsia los angeles
mike phillips, intelligentsia chicago

after judging them both in the finals of the great lakes regional competition, and being good friends with them both, i was super excited to see both scott and mike p in the finals.

all 6 finalists performed fantastically. and when the results were in the top 3 was quite a sight indeed.

3rd scott lucey
2nd nick griffith
1st mike phillips

i'm so happy for mike. after a somewhat dissapointing end to the glrbc, where he finished 5th, he really pulled out a fantastic run when it mattered most.

to quote a text message i got from my friend zak in michigan;
"fuck yeah! mike phillips! straight up avenger!"