Thursday, January 20, 2011

"mum look! it's snowing!"

oh my goodness.
march of last year. seriously?
was that really the last time i put anything up on this solipsistic discourse.


recapping almost a year would be banal and pointless. boring as shit too. for me and for you... you? like anyone actually reads this crap.

i'm sitting in bed. slouching actually. laptop on my lap and cat on my chest.
my old lady is out of town. baby. love of my life. button face.
and i'm bored. welcome to my internal monologue.

i actually only spend 2days out of the week being a barista. the rest of my time is spent managing things. time money people inventory personalities. the list could go on.
actually. is that true.
i spend 2days at the cafe in the city. the place i grew to love. hated. and then grew to love again. it's a latte factory. and working in a factory is tough, man. real tough. i have soft hand. i'm not built for manual labor.
the other 5days i'm in red hook. at the tasting room. brew bar. cupping lab. whatever the fuck we're calling it this week.
i make coffee like you make it. yes dear reader. i'm talking to you.
just like you make it at home. only better. mine doesn't suck!


i went to oregon. the homeland. portland.
christmas and new year with friends and family. nerf swords are awesome.
and then work.
a few days working at the annex. talking brewing cupping coffee like a motherfucker. also awesome. i think the nerf swords were better.

i love the new part of my job. getting to talk to people about coffee. to slow things down from the full tilt boogie at the cafe. and really talk to someone about what they like and don't. find out what they know and how much more they want to learn. showing them that brewing great coffee at home isn't unachievable.
i love being out in red hook. it's one of the few places left in brooklyn that feels like it hasn't changed in 40yrs. its the brooklyn that arthur miller and hubert selby jr wrote about.
it's dirty and loud. it smells bad. it's obnoxious and politically incorrect. and it's amazing. i love it.
if it wasn't such a black spot for public transport, i'd move there. seriously. the closest fucking train is a mile away. and the one and only bus that runs through red hook is only there because of ikea. and it might show up. when it feels like it.
but that's the reason it is the way it is.

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